Electronics Engineer

Full-Time Position


As Electronics Engineer you will support our dynamic single-molecule (DSM) and Cellular Avidity (CA) teams in hardware design and development. You will work with our agile interdisciplinary engineering teams and applications scientists to develop state-of-the-art systems for single-molecule and single-cell measurements. These instruments consist of fluidic, mechatronic, pneumatic, thermal, optical, and electrical sub-systems and play a critical role in the discovery of the molecular mechanisms of life and the next generation of immune therapies. You will be responsible for the design of electronic circuits and the relations with suppliers and production partners. You will also support the R&D teams with troubleshooting and root-causing electrical issues.  

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

What are my tasks & responsibilities?

  • Lead the development of specialized hardware modules.
  • Support the system architects in making the right future-proof design choices based on solid electronics experience.
  • Outsource electronic designs (write specifications and test protocols).
  • Design smaller analog and digital electronic circuits and build proof of concept solutions.
  • Interface with external suppliers and production partners.
  • Compose (technical) documentation of electronic components.
  • Perform noise analysis on analog signals (e.g. ground loops and electromagnetic Interference).
  • Define and interpret technical requirements and specifications for new/next-generation instruments and sub-systems.
  • Participate in or lead the selection, evaluation, and integration of electronic and electro-mechanical components such as motors, sensors, controllers, and drivers.
  • Analyze data from sensors and other components to assess or characterize performance, determine the root cause of failures and make adjustments or design changes as necessary.

What about my skills & competencies?

  • BSc or MSc in Electrical Engineering or Mechatronics.
  • Minimum 7 years of industry experience.
  • Knowledge of the design of analog and digital circuits.
  • Experience with analog signaling and data acquisition.
  • Knowledge of production methods of PCBs and selection of electronic components.
  • Experience with testing and debugging of electronic hardware in complex systems.
  • Good communication skills, within the technical teams and with the System Architect.
  • Good ability to work in an international and young organization.
  • Experience with common communication protocols (CAN, 232, 485, I2C, etherCAT), their proper implementation and associated challenges is a plus.
  • Knowledge in firmware and embedded skills are a plus.
  • Experience in test designing and quality assurance is a plus.
  • Experience with EMC compliance,  ESD protection, and electrical safety norms is a plus.
  • Experience with CE and/or FCC certification requirements and processes is a plus.
  • Experience with FPGA/VHDL development is a plus.


LUMICKS brings novel tools for single-molecule biophysics and cell avidity to market, enabling scientific researchers across biology and medicine to unlock new types of experiments. Our high-performance instruments are optimal to investigate the fundamental causes of disease and facilitate drug optimization. With the z-Movi® Cell Avidity Analyzer, researchers can directly measure the overall strength of intercellular interactions, known as cell avidity, between cells.  This new technology, which uses acoustic waves to separate cells, improves the investigation of previously unexplored avenues in basic and translational research. It offers a crucial parameter that highlights key immunotherapeutic properties, e.g., antigen presentation, antibody binding, vaccination, immunological synapses, and cell adhesion.

We offer you the chance to be part of an important mission: To improve human health by unlocking dynamic single-molecule and cell avidity analysis. With the ever-increasing adoption of our technologies by leading institutes from all over the world, including Stanford, Johns Hopkins University, Tsinghua University, NIH, and Imperial College London, LUMICKS is expanding its team.

Why Join?

Autonomy, ownership & responsibility

Be the leader of your own projects, and own them like no other. Whether you’re developing software or business, you are responsible for your work and the direction it goes.

Growth opportunities

With new positions opening up weekly and the company still growing exponentially, there are lots of opportunities to broaden your skill set.

Flat organization & open culture

At LUMICKS engagement is key. We try to align everyone on our dreams and strategies to unlock single-molecule and single-cell research.

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