Two institutes at opposite sides of the North Pacific are now equipped with a C-Trap® system

Sean Pavone (Madison) / 4045 (Hangzhou) /

Our field service engineers have recently installed two C-Trap® Optical Tweezers – Fluorescence Microscopes at institutes on both sides of the North Pacific Ocean. We are happy to contribute to the local scientific communities of the University of Wisconsin-Madison, US, and the Institute of Cancer and Basic Medicine, Chinese Academy of Sciences (ICBM-CAS), China.

At the University of Wisconsin-Madison, the recently established lab of Dr. Ci Ji Lim will use the system configured with dual traps and three-color fluorescence to study the mechanism of telomere maintenance. The group aims to understand the relation between the structure and function of biological processes and machines involved in telomere maintenance. The C-Trap’s correlative force-fluorescence measurements will contribute by complementing the information of the molecular structures obtained with cryo-EM. Dr. Lim has put it nicely in words:

“The LUMICKS C-Trap will enable us the rare opportunity to observe the dynamics of telomeric proteins dancing along a long piece of telomeric DNA. This really allows us, for the first time, to study how telomeric proteins organize themselves on a telomeric DNA of a natural length and investigate how they can mediate various processes governing genome stability. The C-Trap is also an exciting addition to the excellent resources at UW-Madison, and we expect many great collaborations to happen in the coming years.”

In China, at the ICBM-CAS in Hangzhou, two labs will share the C-Trap for a variety of applications. First, the group of Dr. Jie Song will study DNA properties and DNA-protein interactions using the system’s ability to combine fluorescent imaging and force spectroscopy. Second, Dr. Juan Li’s and her team will take advantage of the C-Trap’s force detection capabilities to study polypeptide and membrane receptor interactions.

We wish all researchers involved good fortune with their ongoing research and we’re looking forward to seeing the first results!

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Doenja Jansen

Doenja Jansen

10 August 2021

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