How does the technology work?

Resonant acoustic waves

It all starts with the acoustics

At the heart of the z-Movi® technology, inside the microfluidic chip, you will find the piezo element that generates resonant acoustic waves. These ultrasound waves are the foundation of cell avidity analyses, as they can pull cells vertically toward the first acoustic node where the force is zero. You can easily control the force magnitude of the waves by regulating the voltage.

This seamless approach to separate interacting cells enables you to directly measure and record cell-specific avidities between populations of effector cells.

Working principle

Effector cells will detach from the monolayer in a force-dependent manner and accumulate at the acoustic node. You can follow the detaching of the fluorescently labeled effector cells from the top view of the flow channel.

Figures a-f show the force-induced detachment of fluorescent effector cells establishing low avidity and high avidity interactions. Low avidity effector cells will rapidly release from the target cell monolayer (a-c, green trendline and column in the graphs below) and gather at the acoustic nodes (c), while high avidity effector cells require larger forces to rupture the binding strength (d-f, orange trendline and bar in the graphs below).

z-Movi Working Principle

Extensive data analysis options for meaningful and predictive results

Meanwhile, the z-Movi records the corresponding rupture forces of each effector cell. The avidity score describes the relative differences between different populations.

Avidity curves

Bar graphs

Violin dot plots

Avidity scores

Rapid experiments with the optimized workflow

We have optimized the workflow of the z-Movi to facilitate the user experience and provide you with reliable, reproducible, and fast results. The z-Movi Chip is specialized to simplify cell culturing and maintain your samples in physiological conditions while you perform the experiments. Once you have performed one run of analyses, you can simply flush in a new batch of effector cells – up to 5 times!


z-Movi® High-throughput Label-free Cell Interaction Studies

Cell Avidity Analyzer

The z-Movi® is a unique instrument that measures the avidity between immune cells and their targets, enabling you to identify the most potent immunotherapeutic effector cells. This new technology provides you with predictive, reproducible, and fast high-throughput results at a single-cell resolution without compromising cell viability. All within a compact little box that easily fits inside the flow hood for sterile and safe sample handling

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