Application note

Identify functionally optimal TCR-engineered T cells

Identify functionally optimal TCR-engineered T cells through cell avidity measurements

In this application note, we present cell avidity obtained with the z-Movi® Cell Avidity Analyzer and in vitro experiments performed in collaboration with the team of Dr. Nathalie Rufer (University of Lausanne). Here you will learn:

  • In contrast to affinity measured by SPR, cell avidity measurements directly correlate with T-cell functionality.
  • Avidity is a reliable parameter for the selection of top TCR candidates.
  • Cell avidity measurements with the z-Movi can accelerate the characterization of TCR-engineered T cells with anti-tumor activity and immunotherapeutic potential, through a fast and high-throughput workflow.

Download a copy of the application note here on the right to discover how you can perform cell avidity analysis assessment to explore and validate TCR T-cell functionality and obtain predictive, reproducible, and rapid results at the single-cell level without compromising cell viability.

Download the application note today:

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Cell Avidity Analyzer

The z-Movi® is a unique instrument that measures the avidity between immune cells and their targets, enabling you to identify the most potent immunotherapeutic effector cells. This new technology provides you with predictive, reproducible, and fast high-throughput results at a single-cell resolution without compromising cell viability. All within a compact little box that easily fits inside the flow hood for sterile and safe sample handling.

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