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LUMICKS enters collaboration with LAVA Therapeutics to characterize its tumor-specific γδ T-cell engagers

In their quest of creating safe and effective immunotherapy cancer treatments, LUMICKS and LAVA Therapeutics joined forces. The partnership aims to evaluate the efficacy of various tumor-specific γδ T-cell engagers based on the resulting binding strengths (cell avidity) between T cells and tumors, measured with LUMICKS newly installed z-Movi® Cell Avidity Analyzer.

LUMICKS enters strategic collaboration with Leucid Bio to evaluate next-generation pCARs

LUMICKS is pleased to announce a collaboration agreement with clinical-stage biotech company Leucid Bio, which seeks to utilize LUMICKS’ z-Movi® Cell Avidity Analyzer to accelerate entry of immunotherapeutic candidates into clinical trials. The goal of the partnership is to evaluate the efficacy of Leucid Bio’s next-generation CAR T-cells using the z-Movi and demonstrate the high predictability of in vivo outcomes of the instrument.

LUMICKS consumables and script-sharing platform for faster, easier, and more reproducible research

In a move to broadly unlock Dynamic Single-Molecule (DSM) analysis, LUMICKS simultaneously launched two major initiatives: a new business line for reagents, biochemistry kits, and services, as well as its Harbor platform for sharing of DSM scripts. These new resources dramatically simplify the experimental workflow and make DSM analysis accessible across different fields and expertise levels.

LUMICKS opens new branch office in Beijing to serve the Asian market

LUMICKS is proud to announce the opening of its branch office in Beijing, China. As LUMICKS continues to expand within the rapidly developing life sciences and immuno-oncology market in the Asia Pacific Region (APR), the new office will allow to better serve the market opportunity, support local customers, and collaborate with regional partners. Besides China, the new office will also run operations in other Asia-Pacific countries, such as Japan, Singapore, Korea, and Australia.

LUMICKS enters collaboration with Glycostem to enhance NK cell-mediated immunotherapy

We are excited to announce that LUMICKS has entered into a collaboration with Glycostem Therapeutics, the Netherlands, to improve immunotherapeutic drug development. By quantifying binding strength between immune and cancer cells using the unique z-Movi® Cell Avidity Analyzer, Glycostem exploits the predictiveness of avidity in finding the best NK-cell population for cellular therapy.

Minister van Engelshoven inaugurates new LUMICKS headquarters in Amsterdam

On September 16 we celebrated the grand opening of its new headquarters in Amsterdam. Ingrid van Engelshoven, Dutch minister of Education, Culture and Science (OCW) performed the opening ceremony by cutting a DNA molecule using a laser beam. The new headquarters of LUMICKS are in an old bicycle factory, situated on the outskirts of the Zuidas, with large and light open spaces under high vaulted ceilings. The new 1750 m2 complex is twice as large as the previous office at the VU and is equipped with advanced R&D facilities.

LUMICKS collaborates with AstraZeneca and the University of Cambridge to form Center of Excellence for Accelerated Drug Discovery and Biology

The center will be based around LUMICKS’ C-Trap™ optical tweezers–fluorescence microscope, which for the first time enables real-time observation and probing of biomolecular interactions. The approach will be pioneered in several pharmacology and biology assays with the aim of accelerating the discovery of potential new drugs.

LUMICKS launches new generation of dynamic single-molecule analysis instruments setting new standards for life-science research.

On February 17 we introduced our new generation of the C-Trap™ optical tweezers-fluorescence microscope and AFS™ Acoustic Force Spectroscopy system at the 62ndAnnual Meeting of the Biophysical Society in San Francisco. The new generation represents an evolution of LUMICKS’ original instruments, which set the benchmark for high-resolution and high-throughput single-molecule analysis, by adding new enabling features, improved performance and automation capabilities.

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