Optical Tweezers-Fluorescence Microscopy Workshop at LUMICKS’ headquarters

On June 20 and 21, LUMICKS organized a successful workshop on Optical Tweezers-Fluorescence Microscopy & Acoustic Force Spectroscopy at our headquarters in Amsterdam. During the practical hands-on workshop, our application scientists gave demonstrations on the latest developments and applications of the  C-Trap™ and  AFS™. In addition, the participants got to carry out state-of-the-art single-molecule experiments and conduct single- and multicolor force-fluorescence measurements to investigate DNA mechanics and DNA polymerase activity.

Parallel to the workshop, we organized an open lecture from Prof. Carlos Bustamante at Vrije Universiteit during which he discussed about his latest findings on the operating principles of the φ29 motor in DNA packaging. If you didn’t have a chance to watch the lecture, or you’d like to view it again, we will soon upload a a video recording of Prof. Bustamente’s lecture on our website.

Interested in attending the next workshop? Apply now on our workshop page. To see which other events LUMICKS is attending, visit our events page.



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