Applications in immuno-oncology

With the z-Movi® Cell Avidity Analyzer, research scientists can now investigate functional interaction properties upon immune cell target-binding that correspond to immune cell response. Cell avidity measurements are applicable to study several types of immune cells, including CAR-T cells, TCR T cells, NK cells and bispecific antibody-engaged T cells.

Show me what’s possible for:

CAR-T cells

– Identify CARs that induce the “just-right” avidity.
– Fine-tune the desired avidities to avoid on-target/off-tumor binding.
– Select the optimally functioning CAR T cells based on their avidity.

TCR T cells

– Improve the functional correlation of TCR T cells by replacing affinity measurements with avidity.
– Reveal TCR modified T cells with optimal avidity that improve T cell responses.

Natural Killer cells

– Compare the avidity of NK cells from different donors.
– Correlate the respective outcomes to effector cell functionalities, such as cell killing.
– Find NK cells with the optimal responses.

Bispecific Antibodies

– Test the binding avidity associated with different BsAb.
– Compare the avidity of T cells engaged by these BsAb and find the most desirable response.

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