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The series of webinars, delivered by our application scientists or by invited speakers, cover topics across the field of immunotherapy, such as CAR-T and TCR T-cell therapy.

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Keynote speaker webinars

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Don’t miss world-renowned researchers talk about their experience with cell avidity measurements for T cell functionality prediction.

Dr. John Maher Leucid Bio

CAR T-Cell Immunotherapy of Solid Tumors – Learning from the Clinic and Lab in Parallel

Learn about Leucid Bio’s efforts in developing a next generation CAR platform, known as parallel (p)CAR. How does Dr. John Maher use the z-Movi to address the importance of relative binding affinity in the design of optimized pCAR?

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Dual-targeted cell therapy targeting BCMA and GPRCD5 to prevent relapse in multiple myeloma

Learn from Prof. de Larrea how expressing two CARs on a single cell enhances the strength of CAR T-cell/target cell interactions, prevents BCMA escape-driven relapse, and how cell avidity measurements contributed to their findings.

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Exploring the network of cellular interactions of NK cells in the tumor microenvironment 

Learn from Dr. Mark Lowdell how the NK cells primed by INKmune, a proprietary NK-priming technology developed by INmune, become effective against resistant tumor cell, and how the cell avidity measurements with the z-Movi was used to validate it by depicting a stronger binding between NK and tumor cells.

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Application webinars

Deep-dive into the applications with LUMICKS’ scientists.

Join our upcoming webinars presented by expert speakers, covering the latest breakthroughs and developments in immuno-oncology.

Cellular avidity: a missing link for efficacious immunotherapy

Explore experiments across the topics of CAR-T cells, TCR T cells, NK cells, and bispecific antibody-engaged T cells, showing a correlation between avidity and T cell functionality.

Rapid identification of Goldilocks CAR T cells using z-Movi® Cell Avidity Analyzer

Discover how measuring cellular avidity using the z-Movi Cell Avidity Analyzer helps researchers to quickly identify optimal functioning CARs and compare between panels.

Fast and accurate prediction of optimal TCR function using z-Movi® Cell Avidity Analyzer

How does the z-Movi Cell Avidity Analyzer measure cell avidity? Why does avidity matter in TCR-dependent T-cell cytotoxicity? How does it compare with functional assays?

Unveiling a one-to-one relationship of TCR-dependent T cell function and cellular avidity

We present avidity data, obtained by Dr. Nathalie Rufer’s research team at the University of Lausanne, showing a linear correlation between T cell function and cell avidity.

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