Immuno-Oncology Webinars 

Cell avidity the best predictor for clinical efficacy of T-cell therapy?

Affinity between immune-cell receptors and their antigens has been shown to be a poor predictor of T-cell functionality. The webinar discussed the benefits of avidity, a new parameter to assess functionality of immune cells, with the potential to improve workflows for the development of immunotherapy against cancer.

In this interactive session we covered:

  1. The differences between avidity and affinity.
  2. Why cell avidity matters to validate the functionality of immune cells.
  3. The tools you can use to select the best lead for the next phase of cellular therapy development.

We introduced the z-Movi® Cell Avidity Analyzer, a novel and unique instrument that makes use of ultrasound to directly measure the avidity between immune cells and their target cancer cells.

If you are curious about cell avidity or are looking for a new workflow that can help you predict the immune therapeutic potential of your cells, click on the link below to download the webinar!

Speaker: Dr. Rogier Reijmers, LUMICKS

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