LUMICKS recently installed a new C-Trap™ SR optical tweezers-STED nanoscopy system in the laboratory of Professor Carlos Bustamante at the University of California, Berkeley. The Bustamante Lab specializes in the development and application of novel single-molecule manipulation and detection methods. These methods are used to investigate the activity of individual molecular machines. Throughout his work, Prof. Bustamante has shown that many central processes in the cell involved the generation and regulation of mechanical forces and that studying these molecular machines one at the time gives access to effects otherwise hidden in bulk experiments.

Optical tweezers coupled with STED nanoscopy allows the user not only to visualize proteins with super-resolution in real-time but also to simultaneously manipulate and measure molecular interactions with sub-pN force resolution and sub-nm trap-position resolution. We wish Prof. Bustamante and his laboratory much success with their research and with their use of the C-Trap™ SR!

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