C-Trap® installed at Tel Aviv University


We are happy to announce the recent installation of the C-Trap™ at Tel Aviv University, Israel, in the lab of Dr. Raya Sorkin. The C-Trap combines optical tweezers with confocal microscopy and is now available to students and postdocs in Dr. Sorkin’s lab, as well as several collaborators on the campus.

The Sorkin lab is specifically interested in membrane remodeling in different biological contexts. The high resolution and real-time visualization provided by the C-Trap will further clarify interactions in crucial remodeling processes that were previously hard to assess. Importantly, the group can now investigate these dynamic interactions in bio-mimetic model systems and cells.

“With such quantitative measurements, we hope to contribute to the understanding of biological processes in which membrane remodeling plays a central role.” – Dr. Raya Sorkin

We wish Dr. Sorkin and her team good luck with their ongoing research and are excited about their upcoming results!

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