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Faster, easier, & more reproducible Dynamic Single-Molecule research using our:

Your new Optimized workflow for Dynamic Single-Molecule experiments

We bring you our newest developments to further support discoveries in the fields of biology and biophysics.

Our aim is to enable accessible, fast, and more reproducible than ever dynamic single-molecule (DSM) research – from sample to publication. By extending the full experimental workflow with new services and open source initiatives, we ensure that research scientists can focus more on their biological questions and generate the next wave of scientific discoveries in the least amount of time.

Ready-made consumables and tailored sample preparation services

Sample Kits and Services ‒ now available at

Use our newly-established biochemistry platform and internal expertise for the preparation of your reagents for optical-trapping experiments. With our multidisciplinary expertise in molecular biology, biochemistry, and dynamic single-molecule analysis, we’ve created the most extensive selection of ready-made reagents, kits, and tailored services to prepare your samples.


High Quality

Optimized samples, kits, reagents and buffers. Zero fine-tuning of experimental concentrations necessary.



The most extensive selection of biochemistry reagents commercially available, delivered straight to your doorstep.


Easy to use

Pick from a list of ready made samples or order a kit with master mix formats. Whichever option you choose, you can be sure it’ll reduce your sample preparation steps, increase your throughput, and improve your reproducibility.

Free, open-source user community scripting platform

Straightforward data analysis and experiment automation
Straightforward data analysis and experiment automation ‒ now available at

Looking to simplify your DSM experiments and make them easier and more reproducible? Look no further! Our new scripting platform is a portal where users can effortlessly publish, download, review and cite scripts related to DSM research. Be a part of the new scripting community and enjoy access to user-validated automation and data analysis methods that push your experiments forward.

Backed up by science

Our open-access approach offers you scripts that are used, shared, and reviewed by expert users, ensuring the highest data consistency and reliability. Explore scripts curated by LUMICKS and the single-molecule community as a whole.

All in one place

Whether you’re looking for automation of your assays or data analysis procedures, our scripting platform gives you a variety of options to find the perfect script for your next research project.

Easy to cite

Recognition of your work is important. Easily cite the scripts you’ve used and see your own scripts recognized and acknowledged with our easy citation features using DOI.

Prefer more close support and guidance throughout your experimental projects?

Turn your concepts into results

with a choice from our Customer Success Packages

Our new Customer Success Packages were created to support scientists through all the stages towards their first publication using LUMICKS' instruments. A specialist with dedicated expertise will come to your lab to give dedicated training based on your needs and help you get the most out of your research.

Take a look at the packages on the dedicated customer success page

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