Identify the Goldilocks CAR: Cell avidity as a parameter for optimal CAR-antigen combinations

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Identify the Goldilocks CAR: Cell avidity as a parameter for optimal CAR-antigen combinations

This study aimed to identify CAR T cells that bind high antigen-expressing targets but not low antigen-expressing cells.

Researchers validated low functioning and high functioning CAR T cells based on functional assays and used non-transduced T cells as a negative control (NC). T cell avidities were tested on adherent cells with low antigen expression, high antigen expression, or no antigen expression.

The cell avidity data correlated with a corresponding in vitro cell killing assay, showing antigen-dependent binding strengths and cell killing, respectively (Figure 1). The cell-killing results also demonstrated significantly higher toxicity induced by high functioning CAR T cells on low antigen-expressing healthy-like cells (Figure 2).

The z-Movi® can distinguish between T cell specificities to improve CAR T cell therapy. Cell avidity is a reliable readout for identifying optimal CARs that can minimize on-target/off-tumor activity by CAR T cells.

1 Avidity scores based on the average detaching forces of the CAR T-cell populations relative to the non-transduced T-cell control population.

2 Cytotoxic effect of high and low functionality CARs on target cells with different antigen expression levels.

Data courtesy of Dr. Steven Albelda at University of Pennsylvania


z-Movi® High-throughput Label-free Cell Interaction Studies

Cell Avidity Analyzer

The z-Movi® is a unique instrument that measures the avidity between immune cells and their targets, enabling you to identify the most potent immunotherapeutic effector cells. This new technology provides you with predictive, reproducible, and fast high-throughput results at a single-cell resolution without compromising cell viability. All within a compact little box that easily fits inside the flow hood for sterile and safe sample handling

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