Last week, LUMICKS successfully installed an AFS™ Stand-Alone system in the lab of Assistant Professor Rodrigo Maillard at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C.

They are experts in optical tweezers, which the group uses to probe and monitor the response of proteins upon force application in real-time. By looking at the conformation, dynamic motion, and stability, the group aims to link physical and chemical properties of proteins to important functional processes such as catalysis, binding cooperativity, and allosteric regulation.

In particular, the group works on protein kinases. These enzymes are important factors in signal transduction pathways and are known to be one of the most important class of drug targets. The group will use the AFS™ to investigate the influence of different ligands and co-factors on the function of protein kinases, in a highly parallel fashion. We wish Dr. Maillard and his team all the best of luck with their research, and hope the AFS™ will contribute to achieving their goal!

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