Single-Molecule Workshop at the ShanghaiTech University

On April 9 to 11, a successful Single-molecule workshop took place in the lab of Prof. Bo Sun at the ShanghaiTech University, organized by LUMICKS. During the practical hands-on workshop, the participants conducted state-of-the-art single-molecule experiments in the fields of DNA mechanics, … Read More

Intercalated DNA

Method to Quantify Local Force Distribution within Biomolecular Systems

The journal Nano Letters has recently published the article “Quantifying Local Molecular Tension Using Intercalated DNA Fluorescence”. We would like to congratulate all the authors! By using optical tweezers coupled with fluorescence microscopy, Dr. King et al. (2018) studied the … Continue Reading

C-Trap™ installed in Bustamante Lab at UC Berkeley

LUMICKS recently installed a new C-Trap™ SR optical tweezers-STED nanoscopy system in the laboratory of Professor Carlos Bustamante at the University of California, Berkeley. The Bustamante Lab specializes in the development and application of novel single-molecule manipulation and detection methods. These methods are used to investigate the activity of individual molecular machines. Throughout his work, Prof. Bustamante has … Read More