AFS USTC Prof. Luo installed

AFS™ Installed at University of Science and Technology of China

A new AFS™ system was recently installed in the lab of Professor Tianzhi Luo at the University of Science and Technology of China, Hefei. The research interests of the group of Prof. Luo lie in, among other topics, mechanobiology and cell mechanics. They will combine the AFS … Continue Reading

Introducing m-Trap™ Optical Tweezers

Today, we release the m-Trap™. Watch the launch video! The m-Trap is the first dedicated optical tweezers platform specifically designed to enable scientists to manipulate and measure at the single-molecule level with ultra-high resolution, stability & throughput, at an unprecedented price. We hope that introducing this instrument will … Read More

C-Trap™ installed at University of Zürich

Recently, LUMICKS successfully installed a new C-Trap™ Optical Tweezers system, with a quadruple trap configuration, in the lab of Professor Ben Schuler at the University of Zürich, Switzerland. The group of Prof. Schuler uses single-molecule spectroscopy with the aim to understand protein folding, … Read More