Acinetodin and Klebsidin Lasso Peptides Studied with AFS™ Technology

The first paper from one of our clients using AFS technology has been published in the journal ACS Chemical Biology led by prof. Mikhail Khodorkovskii. Congratulations to all the authors! In the paper named “Acinetodin and Klebsidin, RNA Polymerase Targeting … Continue Reading

Protein Unfolding Application Note Now Online

The biological function of many macromolecules such as proteins and RNA are tightly coupled to their conformation and their conformational dynamic. The correct folding of a protein into its native state is essential for its biological function. Misfolded or unfolded … Continue Reading

C-Trap™ Installed at ShanghaiTech University

LUMICKS is very excited to announce the first C-Trap™ installation in Asia. The C-Trap™ was installed at the lab of Assistant Professor Bo Sun at ShanghaiTech University in Shanghai, China. The group of Dr. Sun will use the C-Trap™ to … Read More